My Projects

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High Schooler, computer science enthusiast, and entrepreneur with a passion for development and cybersecurity who has founded and been CEO/VPE of two own companies. Competitor in a variety of computer science, STEM, and cybersecurity competitions, and winner of several National titles from various esteemed sources. Passionate about learning and creating in order to develop a brighter future in technology.

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About Me

I also hosted two own nationally successful cybersecurity competitions: PBJarCTF and Killer Queen CTF. Designed challenges and administrated the competitions with over 3,000 participants and raised over $65,000 for Cybersecurity Education and #WomenWhoCode

My Interests



Designed products and services and managed projects for two own startups and designed many other apps and pieces of software to help lead a vision of a future in technology



Experience with programming and using several languages including C#, Python, Java, C++, Javascript, PHP, CSS, SQL, HTML, a variety of frameworks, and currently learning C. Using code to help people as well as create a better future for our world.



Successfully launched several commercially successful apps, software applications, websites, and open-source projects while still in High School. Experience with managing projects, finances, testing, and deploying applications.

My Companies

Data Analytics

Developed and distributed the Dupper Analytics Cloud-Based Solutions product which performs data collection, storage, and analytics for small and medium size busineeses in order to help them compete and succeed in an increasingly data-driven world.

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Social Networks & Entertainment

Developed several pieces of software and application including BirbChat, a secure modern messaging application with a comforting aesthetic, What's That Fruit!, a fruit recognition neural network application that helps identify and learn about fruits of the world as well as two games on Steam.

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Notable Projects

Awards and Certifications

  • Cybersecurity

  • TSA

    •   3rd Place National, Cybersecurity

    •   Top 10 National, Video Game Design

    •   1st Place State, Cybersecurity

    •   2nd Place State, Technology Bowl

    •   3rd Place State, Video Game Design

    •   3rd Place State, Webmaster x2

  • Science Olympiad

    •   1st Place State, Detector building

    •   2nd Place State, Herpetology

    •   3rd Place State, Astronomy

    •   5th Place State, Circuits

    •   1st Place Regionals, Detector Building x2

    •   2nd Place Regionals, Astronomy

    •   2nd Place Regionals, Herpetology

    •   3rd Place Regionals, Circuits